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Titleist Performance Institute Assessment

Improve your golf game

The TPI assessment is designed to identify and correct restrictions in both mobility and stability that prevent you from making your optimal golf swing.


Dr. Kevin is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf medical pro. This is the same physical assessment that titleist offers all of its top pro and amateur golfers. Correcting these restrictions in mobility and stability will help decrease the incidence of golf injuries and will help you be able to play more and pain free. Dr Kevin will work with your golf pro and with local golf fitness experts to maximize your swing efficiency and have you return from injury as soon as possible.

During a TPI assessment, Dr. Kevin will review your health history and proceed to carry out the physical assessment. The assessment consists of 13 different functional screens that help Dr. Kevin identify what physical limitations keep you from swinging as efficiently as possible.

Contact us now to book your TPI physical assessment.

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